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Many people think that PAT Testing for home workers isn’t a requirement. Others worry that someone won’t come out to test their equipment and appliances because there are only a handful to test. PAT Testing Nottingham are always happy to visit home offices and small businesses. Their mission is to keep everyone safe whether you work alone or are in a building with hundreds of other people.

The Boring Bit – The Regulations that apply to PAT Testing for Home Workers
The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 cover both employers and those who are self employed. These regulations state that any electrical equipment which has the potential to
cause an injury, should it become faulty, must be maintained in a safe condition

What the Regulations mean for you

Most electrical equipment used in a home office will be required to be tested. It is always worthwhile checking out any clauses in your insurance policy to see if they insist on having them checked at a certain frequency. The HSE (Health & Safety Executive) recommends that any earthed (Class 1) appliances such as kettles or floor cleaners are fully PAT Tested every 1-2 years. Any extension leads, battery charging equipment, etc, every 1-5 years, along with any portable equipment such as computers, laptops, printers and the like. However, many insurance policies will require the test to be carried out at a much more regular frequency, so we always recommend you check.
Electrical faults – What to look out for Full PAT Testing can only be carried out by a trained individual, in accordance with the IEE’s Code of Practice. However, interim visual checks should be carried out on your equipment regularly. If you notice any marks around plugs or any wires becoming loose or damaged, the appliance, or cable at least, probably needs replacing. If the appliance develops any fault, intermittent or constant, then a full PAT Test will be required.

How PAT Testing Nottingham can help you

If you would like to ensure your equipment and appliances are safe and compliant for your insurance, you can GET A QUOTE through this website. We understand not everyone works set hours and so will be happy to arrange to come to your property at a time which will suit you and cause the least impact on your working day. We operate in Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield and Leicester. All your appliances will be uniquely labelled, and you will receive a full report showing the test results. We will even call you to arrange your next appointment, so you can just sit back and relax, knowing your equipment is safe. Contact us now for our PAT Testing for Home Workers service.
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